A Digital Health platform that aims to improve personal, organizational and public health via adequate nurtition and Technology,

The platform intends to focus on tackling Malnutrition,Diabetes,Cardiovascular Challenges,Pregnant Mothers Ill-health,Weight Based Challenges (Obesity. According to World Health Organization statistics report in 2018, approximately 45% of the mortality cases in children under the age of five(5) years result from undernutrition, 151 million children under five(5) years are stunted with Africa accounting for 39% of global stunted children. Due to various challenges such as overpopulation, economic depression, climate change among various other factors affect the rate of global hunger which continue to be on the rise for the past four(4) years.

Our Operations


This include the leading and building of Nutrition Brands which include the Daily Fruits processing and Serving chain, to be spread accross Africa, starting from Nigeria. These are being powered by technology, as we gradually move Africa towards personalized nutrition.

This of course form the basis of a vast and robust health data collection and analytics that the company will engage,  to ensure a predictive and data driven health solution position for Africa and Africans. This will birth healthy natural products and services that will rejuvenate bad health conditions and we’ll as well  be championing precision nutrtion for Africa and our tech platforms and operations are built to aids ease and convenience for such adequate helth to be accessed without hassles.

It’s a new Dawn for Health in Africa.


We intend to become Africa’s Number One Malnutrition and, Food-Nutrition and Health awareness and advocacy Brand. In doing this, we define means and strategy to reach countries and places within each each country, with nutrition information, awareness creation on malnutrition and other nutrition based challenges in several ways possible to everyone needed to reach, and In languages and methods they can understand especially to the underserved areas. This Implies translation of information to local dialets.

This is also birthing a major Vision we have to have 50,000 members health Advocates  for Africa before 2025.


we intend to Become the Africa’s Largest Repository of Healthy and Nutrient – Fortified Foods (Biofortified and Foods Blends) in Africa made from local and indigenous foods.

In doing this, Nutiture Technologies is building one of the largest distribution and sales network for personalized nutrition functions. Starting from an online market place for nutrition and health, as well as leveraging the Daily Fruities Sales Network, it’s expected to have us reach a minimum of 1 million homes daily with several nutritionally checked snd balanced products mostly from sources we are familiar with.

In doing this, we operate as a platform and a carrier of Healthy foods information where in tested and qualified health and Nutrition can enlist as Food-Nutrition Brands for obtainment and  use for Malnutrition Tackling, Health Improvement or other Nutrition based purposes. Our platform serves in a capacity to check and recommend food products.

Social Impact

We will be taking healthy Foods to every undeserved in Africa, With 80% Focus on Malnourished ones and Internally Displaced Persons.This we do by soliciting funds or Food aquisition Support from Individuals, Organisations, Instirutions Governments, and other relevant bodies.

This is also achieved by partnerships with Food-Nutrition Brands, who provide foods as Corporate Social Responsibility operations  or as their Social Impact projects


*BEFORE* 5. FOOD-NUTRITION LINKAGET (NUTRITION ECOMMERCE) his we do by linking Individuals to trusted food products and brand Distributors for various Food-Nutrition Brands within Africa.


Ensure the development,  effective and inmovative application of Technology to ensure Adequate Nutrition of Africans, via awareness and linkage.

This we do by engaging the best Tech-saavy minds to continually ascertain that Accessibility to quality nutritious foods is made super easy and we increase the market possibility for Food-Nutrition Start-ups

In Africa.

We attain